Without Words: Solo Exhibition

Since I last wrote, I booked my first solo exhibition: Without Words. I still haven't wrapped my brain around how much work this will be. I'm doing all of this for the first time, but I'm happy. When your days are filled with printing in the darkroom, putting together the selections and seeing your work take shape, it's very hard to complain.

I will be tweeting and posting photos as I prepare, if you want to see Without Words come together.

I've already succumbed to writer's block with the Facebook event description. When promoting myself, it's hard to find the balance between sounding pretentious and simply writing what the thing is about. Whatever, it doesn't matter. I hope people come. I'm working hard to make this show good.

Thanks to Littlefield's Julie Kim for making this happen. I'm equally terrified and excited.

April 10th is the day, 6 to 9pm.

Without Words

Salim Hasbini - Without Words Card