On a Possible Photobook, Learning and the Darkroom

However unsteady, the photos are coming. My style is consistent in its inconsistency. Rolls of nothing follow bursts of keepers. So it goes. I'm working on a new project. I'd like to produce a photobook (containing the home run shots) in digital and print versions. I imagine this book will exist as a free PDF and for purchase as a nicely printed book. I have no delusions of grandeur. Prices will be reasonable. I feel that social media is not enough. I need to continue learning and I want something concrete to offer. Either way, it's an experiment. At this stage, isn't everything?

If we knew the secret to self-promotion and achieving recognition, no one would remain unknown. Regardless, this should be a fun. At the end, I'll have a book of my best work, which is exciting. I'll also learn how to use Adobe InDesign. Thanks to the Internet, what you can do is tied to what you know. In my case, photobooks are off-limits until I learn InDesign (which can be done for free). Once that's accomplished, self-publishing is as easy as uploading a file, choosing paper type and sending the payment.

In conclusion, learn and do. There is no excuse today to not wear every hat. The Internet has removed (most) barriers to education. You're only limited by your imagination and your will to learn.

I built a darkroom in Bay Ridge. As of now, the space is not utilized. However, in late May, the conversation of what programs to run and how/when to run them will start! We're hoping to teach darkroom printing, film photography and rent the space to those who want to print. When that's all decided and ready to launch, we'll tell people. Simple.

Now for something worth reading: