Dream Log: 19 March 2015 (Obama)

I am one of President Obama's personal comedians. I travel the country with two other comics, telling him jokes and riding in Air Force One.

I am now in a field in Georgia. I see a red barn nearby. As I walk closer, the head farmer calls for me. I walk to his work station where he has various sanding equipment. He makes custom baseball bats. He teaches me his craft and I begin working.

I am in an airplane. We are flying over the East River. I call my friends to the window overlooking  lower Manhattan. As we gaze at the city, I notice small whirlpools forming below. Their numbers quickly increase. I see something break out of the water. It appears to be a gigantic Italian sea monster. He rips the plane out of the sky, breaks it in half and let's it fall into the river. I run to the middle of the plane to escape through the missing half but I don't make it. I drown with the rest.