dream log

Dream Log: 21 March 2015

I am seated at the dinner table with my family and some close relatives. The mood is eerie. No one is saying or doing much. I haven't heard the news. I turn to the right and whisper to my cousin, "What happened?" My grandmother was brutally murdered by an ISIS death squad in Yemen. Her execution was filmed and played by news outlets around the world. After learning this, I return to dinner and we silently eat.

Dream Log: 19 March 2015 (Obama)

I am one of President Obama's personal comedians. I travel the country with two other comics, telling him jokes and riding in Air Force One.

I am now in a field in Georgia. I see a red barn nearby. As I walk closer, the head farmer calls for me. I walk to his work station where he has various sanding equipment. He makes custom baseball bats. He teaches me his craft and I begin working.

I am in an airplane. We are flying over the East River. I call my friends to the window overlooking  lower Manhattan. As we gaze at the city, I notice small whirlpools forming below. Their numbers quickly increase. I see something break out of the water. It appears to be a gigantic Italian sea monster. He rips the plane out of the sky, breaks it in half and let's it fall into the river. I run to the middle of the plane to escape through the missing half but I don't make it. I drown with the rest.