Dream Log: 17 March 2016 (President JFK & Claude Monet)

As President JFK, I am spending the day with my wife, Jackie Kennedy. We are sitting inside the family mansion's living room, surrounded by family memorabilia: photo albums, passed down trinkets, old jewelry and paintings. We begin reminiscing about how we first met, dating, our life before the presidency, and our ancestors; lives. We discover an old typewriter in a corner of the room with a faded, half-typed letter of resignation. She hugs me and begins crying.

I am now in Giverny, France, standing in front of Claude Monet's grave. My uncle has given me two rolls of film to print in the church's darkroom. I pay my respects to Monet before proceeding inside the church. I remove a lit torch from the wall and begin descending the spiraling stone staircase. As I descend, I review the photos and comment loudly on their terrible quality.

JFK, Monet dream. Giverny Church, Location of Claude Monet's grave.

To Paris

Last week, I booked a six day trip to Paris. It's time I left NYC for a little. The city gets on my nerves more these days. Despite my strong dislike of planes and everything associated with them, I could never forgive myself for turning this opportunity down. I can spare the time and the money. Six days of street photography in Paris. Aside from shooting, I'm going as a personal tribute to André Kertész, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau. Those three are instrumental to who I am as a photographer. They've shaped my vision and showed me what was possible with a camera. I'm excited to roam the same streets as them. I have no idea what I'll find there. Perhaps nothing. Perhaps the magic they captured only proves their talent, timing and skill. After all, the setting doesn't make the photograph, the photographer does. Without a vision, any location, no matter how beautiful, will help you. Regardless, maybe the city and its people have something in store for me.

Robert Doisneau -  The Washing of Petty, 1961

Robert Doisneau - The Washing of Petty, 1961

Henri Cartier-Bresson -  Rue Mouffetard (1954)

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Rue Mouffetard (1954)