Eavesdrop | Waking Up with Sam Harris - What Do Jihadists Really Want?

In this episode of Waking Up with Sam Harris, Harris reads select sections from a leaked copy of Dabiq, ISIS' main publication and a significant resource for recruitment. Listening to this during my morning commute rocked my world. ISIS went as far as specifically listing (in bullet points) exactly why ISIS hates the West and the reasons for their continuing attacks are answered. Their logic is inhumane, which goes without saying, yet this list serves as a fascinating look into the philosophical engine powering this group.

Almost more unsettling than the articles and features is Dabiq's design. It's put together surprisingly well, possibly hinting at the levels of intelligence present in some ISIS members. The language and terminologies/references are as twisted as you would expect and each new page is more disturbing that the last in its display of barbarism, religious extremism, and lack of respect for any facet of humanity.

You can access the issue of Dabiq Harris discusses here.

Dream Log: 21 March 2015

I am seated at the dinner table with my family and some close relatives. The mood is eerie. No one is saying or doing much. I haven't heard the news. I turn to the right and whisper to my cousin, "What happened?" My grandmother was brutally murdered by an ISIS death squad in Yemen. Her execution was filmed and played by news outlets around the world. After learning this, I return to dinner and we silently eat.