André Kertész was born in Budapest, Hungary on July 2nd, 1894. By his passing in 1985, Kertész was considered the father of street photography and photojournalism, permanently changing the art form. We were fortunate to receive the broken remains of a shelf owned by Kertész where he kept his books and prints. As a tribute to the artist, we built our first solid body guitar, the "Kertészcaster."

The guitar is made from two pieces of aged pine, cut to a custom shape best described as a modified Fender Telecaster. Kertész had an eye for soft angles and was fascinated with natural distortions. We’d like to think our take on this body would have amused him. We finished the Kertészcaster with Miniwax stains and Tru-Oil. Any blemishes in the wood were left alone. Kertész made those imperfections and we wanted them preserved.

The guitar features a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates humbucker and a Danelectro style bridge with rosewood saddles. The pickup adds an expressive texture to the classic attack of a hard-tail bridge. We also set the volume and tone controls in a custom wooden control plate. Due to the light construction and materials, the guitar weighs only 5.3 pounds, making it a breeze to play.

Both based in tradition and radically innovative, we’d like to think we captured the essence of Kertész’s artistic legacy.