Silvertone Archtop

This Silvertone Archtop arrived in poor condition. The original pickup was missing, along with the control plate, tuners, bridge, and tailpiece. Finally, the neck was separating from the body, requiring a neck reset. Unwanted and unloved, we felt compelled to make this guitar whole again. It was our most challenging repair to date.

We started by resetting the neck. Through old age and disuse, much of the glue dried and loosened on its own, making the removal fairly painless. We realigned the neck in the pocket, using hide glue and clamps to properly secure it. Next was the hardware. Through some hunting, we located a set of  vintage Waverly tuners that were original to the guitar. Upon arrival, the tuners were stiff and unyielding. After several rounds of greasing, their famed smoothness returned and they were quickly installed.

Electronics were next. We searched for the original pickup, a rare DeArmond model 40, and coupled it with a DeArmond Model 41 control plate. Eschewing tradition, we opted for a modern endpin jack. This combines the strap button with the output jack, allowing a cleaner look. With the addition of a reproduction pickguard we tooled to accommodate the pickup, the Silvertone was complete.

After weeks of intense work, we were thrilled with the outcome. The Silvertone tackled anything we gave it. It sang sweetly when played clean and roared when stuffed through a crunchy amp. We turned a dusty husk into an absolute gem. The Silvertone was promptly sold to a musician in Puerto Rico.