Dream Log: 25 July 2016 (Lost Hostages)

I am one of the King's subjects, inside his castle on a dark, stormy night. The butler and I were tasked with watching the royal children but we lost them earlier in the night. We begin inspecting the area. The property has been poorly cared for throughout the years. The place is dimly lit and thick clumps of dust coat every visible surface. A feeling of dread overcomes us. Too many day-to-day items litter the castle, as if the last inhabitants fled with no time to pack. I start making my way, throughout the castle, inspecting each room, and endlessly spiraling inward. Young Frankenstein Castle

The butler and I begin feeling extremely uncomfortable. We are not welcome. In each room, we begin knocking over glasses, plates, flower pots, in an attempt to scare whatever lurks. Hushed voices, whispering and a low rumble quickly accompany us as we delve deeper. I feel my knees shake uncontrollably. The darkness closes in from all sides.

Unexpectedly, we arrive at the kitchen, located at the mansion's center. I immediately spot the King's two daughters. They run to us screaming. The butler and I each take a girl. During our embrace, I notice a slight ruffle from the far curtain.  I ignore it, directing my attention to the crying girls. The curtain moves again, revealing a hooded figure, clutching a pistol, who begins running towards us. He is enraged, with his mouth agape and his eyes locked in a murderous stare. With his free hand, he rips one of the girls away from the butler, chokes her inside the crook of his elbow and shoots her in the back of the head.