Dream Log: 29 July 2016 (Falling)

My three friends and I are at a strip club, celebrating Carl's engagement. We ignore the strippers as we make our rounds of stupid jokes and general silliness. Despite their increasingly desperate attempts, we ignore the naked women around us. During a lull in the conversation, Carl pulls me aside and asks if I want to see the condo he bought. We leave the strip club and board a hover pad that leads us to a floating skyscraper still under construction. MadMen_ImaginaryForces-2

The exterior of the building is wrapped in long strands of white rope. The only way up is by grabbing one of the loose ropes at the foundation and riding it up. A slip would mean an infinite fall through the clouds. Carl and I begin riding up. As we chat, I feel my grip grow increasingly loose. Without warning, the rope slips through my hand and I fall to my death.